2017 State Indoor Individual Entry Form
Linn Technical College, Linn MO, March 4th& 5th
NFAA & MBH Membership is required
USA Archery Membership will be accepted in Lieu of NFAA Membership
After completing the registration form you will be directed to a page that confirms receipt and gives the info to pay by credit card or PayPal.
MBH/NFAA Dues Mail-In Form
Adult = $45 -    Child  (Cub/Youth/YA) = $30  -  Family = $115
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By submitting your application you are agreeing to pay entry fees by Credit Card or PayPal or making payment the weekend of the indoor or sending payment with the Mail-in form
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I have read and agree to all terms stated in the "Archery Club Waiver & Release of Liabilty
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Under 18 Class
Per MBH Rule There is Now a $10 Late Fee
All Required
Download the form and submit the application and payment by US Post Office
You can pay NFAA&MBH dues on-line here.